Floppy is an exhibition of work initiated during Australian artist Natalya Hughes' two-month residency in Singapore. As elsewhere in her practice, the work combines what are usually considered to be opposing modes in visual culture: a seductive aesthetic and aberrant figuration. Unfamiliar 'bodies' are made by combinations of incongruous forms. They are misshapen and broken by the space that surrounds them and sometimes left seeping or drooping at their openings. Such figures are ‘grotesque’. But they are also delicately rendered and highly decorative. Engaging a personal stock of imagery as well as forms and ornamental motifs sourced from Singapore, the works trace the incongruous experiences of being immersed in an unfamiliar environment and the difficulty of attempting to locate oneself therein. Official Website: http://www.substation.org/

Natalya Hughes Floppy The Substation Gallery, Singapore

26/01/2010 - 04/04/2010