Lucy Griggs


Born Sydney 1976





Master of Visual Art (1st Class Hons), Victorian College of the Arts


Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Art, Victorian College of the Arts


Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), Queensland University of Technology





The Nature of Things, Milani Gallery, Brisbane


The Republic of Bees, Milani Gallery, Brisbane


Butterflies and the human soul, MARS [Melbourne Art Rooms], Melbourne


Observatory Space, Metro Arts, Brisbane

Wind Circles, MARS [Melbourne Art Rooms], Melbourne


You Are Here X, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne


A ladybeetle whispers the story of the Rabbit in the Moon to a dead bee, Metro Arts, Brisbane

The Willow Series, The Farm Gallery, Brisbane


Untitled, SoapBox Gallery, Brisbane


Colouring-In, SoapBox Gallery, Brisbane

Promise 2001, Metro Arts, Brisbane


Window, SoapBox Gallery, Brisbane





Guarding the Homefront, Casula Powerhouse, New South Wales

9/11, Moana Project Space, Perth


Kings x Kings, Kings ARI, Melbourne

Miniatures Fundraising Show, Level ARI, Brisbane

A Little Birdie Told Me, MARS [Melbourne Art Rooms]

Worm Mountain, c3, Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne


Christmas Show, Milani Gallery, Brisbane


Christmas Show, Bellas Milani Gallery, Brisbane

VCA Graduate Exhibition, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne

For Every Bird, MARS [Melbourne Art Rooms]

Revisiting Arte Povera, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne

Urban Arboreal, City Gallery, Melbourne Town Hall

Debut III, Blindside, Melbourne


VCA Graduate Exhibition, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne

Animals as Allegory, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane

The End, QUT H Block Gallery, Brisbane

2005 Hope Box Art Event 2005, Centar Za Kulturu Mostar (Mostar), Roman Petrovice Gallery (Sarajevo), Kosova Art Museum (Prishtine), SKC Gallery (Belgrade)

Orientalism, Blindside, Melbourne

2004 Curio, The Farm Gallery, Brisbane

The Farm Gallery, Sydney Art Fair


Tree-house, Studio 11, Metro Arts, Brisbane

Project Wall, Rocket Art, Newcastle


The A4 Refugee Project, Metro Arts, Brisbane

Between Now and Tomorrow, Gallery 482, Brisbane

Best of Graduates, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane


Art from Europe and America, Honours Exhibition, QUT Palace Gallery, Brisbane

Replay; New Art from Brisbane, Shop_70 Contemporary Art Space, Adelaide

HopeBox Peep-Show 2001, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane

Fresh Cut 2001, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane


Trace, Graduate Exhibition, QUT H Block Gallery, Brisbane


2007 The Elliott Family Ten Year Collection, Victorian College of the Arts
2006 Fiona Myer Award, Victorian College of the Arts
2003 Metro Arts Artist in Residence, Metro Arts, Brisbane


Mirvac, Melbourne
City of Melbourne
Gadens Lawyers, Brisbane
Private Collections


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